Olivia Dawn was born June 19, 1998; she was born two months early and weighed 3-lbs. 14-oz. and 16 1/2" long. She was delivered by C-section on an emergency bases because she was starting to go in distress. When she was born, her main problem was or ( seemed to be ) prematurely so she had to be placed in an incubator. She also had multi test run during her stay. We were told that she needed to be 5 lbs. before they would release her. Olivia also failed three different hearing tests before leaving the hospital. And this is where this story begins.

During her hospital stay, Olivia was diagnosed as having agenesis of the corpus callosum, a condition that affects the pathways of the brain, along with a major hearing impairment. Within a short period, she was accepted in the Infant Stimulation program at a center in Virginia Beach. The experience we gained from previous experiences, along with their enthusiastic advocates, allowed for placement in a program for hearing impaired children at Corporate Landing Elementary School in Va. Beach. During this period, her vision also began to deteriorate, making learning difficult,

Complete story to follow

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